H-Bomb were a French hard-rock/metal band that released an EP and the album Attaque on Rave-On between 1983 and 1984, followed by a 7″ on Axe Killer in 1985.

Members: Philippe “Philty” Garcia (bass), Gerhard “Metal” Michel (drums), Armando “Mando” Ferreira (guitars), Christian “Kriss” Martin (guitar, 1982-84), Didier “Dizzy” Izard (vocals 1982-85), Paul Fereirra (guitar, 1984-86), Patrick Diamond [David Potter] (vocals, 1985-86)


  • Coup de Métal (EP, 1983)
  • Attaque (1984)
  • “To Feel Is Pain” / “Can’t Stop Lovin'”/ “Stop the Lights” (1985)

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