Gypsy was an American psych-rock band from Minneapolis that released the 1970–71 albums Gypsy and In the Garden on Metromedia Records, followed by the 1972–73 titles Antithesis and Unlock the Gates on parent label RCA.

Members: James Walsh (vocals, keyboards), Enrico Rosenbaum (vocals, guitar), Calvin James (lead guitar), Tom Nystrom (drums), Tom Green (drums), Jay Epstein (drums), Doni Larson (bass, 1969-71), Bill Lordan (drums, 1971-75), Willie Weeks (bass, 1971-72), Joe Lala (congas), Randy Cates (vocals, bass)


Gypsy evolved from The Underbeats, a Twin Cities garage band that released eight singles between 1964 and 1968 on assorted labels. The final lineup included singer keyboardist James Walsh, singer–guitarist Enrico Rosenbaum, bassist Doni Larson, and drummer Tom Nystrom. In 1968, they moved to Los Angeles and changed their name to Gypsy. Guitarist–singer James C. Johnson and drummer Jay Epstein completed the lineup. 

In LA, Gypsy became a regular opening act at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip. Between October 1969 and January 1970, Gypsy opened Whisky multi-nighters by The Move (10/8–12), WAR (11/3–4), The Kinks (11/20–23), King Crimson (12/3–7), and Chicago Transit Authority (1/14–18).>

Gypsy signed with Metromedia, a short-lived RCA subsidiary with a select roster of soul ans psych (Astral Projection, Carolyn Hester Coalition, Christopher, Sugar Creek, Velvet Night).


Gypsy released their self-titled debut double-album in 1970 on Metromedia. It features ten songs by Enrico Rosenbaum, including the lengthy jams “Decisions,” “The Vision,” and “Dead and Gone.” The first record contains songwriting contributions by James C. Johnson (“Man of Reason”) and James Walsh (“The Third Eye”).

A1. “Gypsy Queen – Part One” (4:21)
A2. “Gypsy Queen – Part Two” (2:33)
A3. “Man of Reason” (2:59)
A4. “Dream If You Can” (2:48)
A5. “Late December” (4:12)
B1. “The Third Eye” (4:55)
B2. “Decisions” (8:16)
B3. “I Was So Young” (4:00)
C1. “Here In My Loneliness” (3:10)
C2. “More Time” (5:35)
C3. “The Vision” (7:30)
D1. “Dead and Gone” (11:07)
D2. “Tomorrow Is the Last to Be Heard” (5:48)

Recorded At – Devonshire Studios, North Hollywood, Calif.
Engineer – Glen Pace
Producer – Enrico Rosenbaum, Glen Pace, Jim Walsh
Supervised By [Album Supervision] – Julio Aiello
Arranged By [Strings] – Jimmie Haskell (A2, B1, B2, C1, C3, D2)

Bass – Doni Larson
Drums – Jay Epstein
Vocals, Guitar, Percussion – Enrico Rosenbaum
Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion – Jim “Owl” Walsh
Vocals, Lead Guitar – James C. Johnson

“Gypsy” Illustration By – Alfons Mucha
Photography By – Ergo Pooka

In the Garden (1971)

Antithesis (1972)

Unlock the Gates (1973)


  • Gypsy (2LP, 1970)
  • In the Garden (1971)
  • Antithesis (1972)
  • Unlock the Gates (1973)


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