Guruh Gipsy

Guruh Gipsy were an Indonesian symphonic/gamelan band that self-released an eponymous cassette-album in 1977. The band featured prolific Jakarta bassist Chrisye — aka Christian Rahadi — who featured on the soundtrack to the Teguh Karya dramatic feature Badai pasti berlalu, released on Irama Mas that same year.

Members: Guruh Soekarnoputra (gamelan, gentorak, percussion, vocals), Chrisye (bass, vocals, vocals, 1969-?), Keenan Nasution (drums, tambourine, gentorak, vocals), Odink Nasution (guitar), Abadi Soesman (keyboards, Moog), Ronny Harahap (electric piano, organ, vocals), Gaury Nasution (guitar), Ponco Sutowo (1966-69), Joe-Am (1966-69), Eddy (1966-69), Edit (1966-69), Roland (1966-69), Onan (1969-71), Tammy (1969-71), Atut Harahap (1969-71), Rully Djohan (1971-?), Aji Bandi (1971-?), Lulu (1971-?)


  • Guruh Gipsy (1977)

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