Guru Guru

Guru Guru is a German space-rock band that released two albums on Ohr in 1970 and 1971, followed by eighth titles through the remainder of the ’70s on Atlantic and Brain. More than 20 further titles appeared over the subsequent four decades.

Members: Mani Neumeier (drums, percussion, vocals), Uli Trepte (bass, 1968-73), Hans Sax (vocals, 1968-69), Eddy Naegeli (guitar, 1969-70), Jim Kennedy (guitar, 1970), Ax Genrich (guitar, vocals, 1970-74), Bruno Schaab (bass, vocals, 1973), Hans Hartmann (bass, piano, 1973), Houschäng Nejadépour (guitar, 1974), Conny Veit (bass, 1974), Josef Jandrisits (guitar, 1975-76), Jürgen Karpenkiel (bass, 1975-76), Roland Schaeffer (saxophone, guitar, vocals, 1975-present), Dieter Bornschlegel (guitar, percussion, 1977-79, 1994-97), Peter Kühmstedt (bass, percussion, 1977-79, 1993-present), Butze Fischer (drums, 1979-83), Ingo Bischof (keyboards, synthesizer, 1978-81)

Guru Guru formed in Heidelberg in 1968 as The Guru Guru Groove by drummer/singer Mani Neumeier and bassist Uli Trepte with short-term members on vocals and guitar. Neumeier (b. 1940) emerged in the early 1960s behind jazz pianist/bandleader Alexander von Schlippenbach. In 1964, he first played with Trepte (1941–2009) in the Irene Schweizer Trio.

In 1969, Guru Guru made its earliest recordings with American guitarist Jim Kennedy, including the length jams “Roots of ‘Der LSD-Marsch'” and “Roots of ‘…Dalai Llama'” (later released on the CDr Early Archives, Live 1969). In 1970, guitarist Ax Genrich completed the classic Guru Guru lineup, fresh off a stint with an embryonic Agitation Free. They were one of the first acts signed to the underground label Orh. 


  • UFO (1970)
  • Hinten (1971)
  • Känguru (1972)
  • Don’t Call Us We Call You (1973)
  • Guru Guru (1973)
  • Dance of the Flames (1974)
  • Mani und seine Freunde (1975)
  • Tango Fango (1976)
  • Globetrotter (1977)
  • Hey du (1979)
  • Mani in Germani (1981)
  • Guru Mani Neumeiers neue Abenteuer (1983)
  • Hot on Spot / Inbetween (1985 • Guru Guru / Uli Trepte)
  • Jungle (1987)


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