Grobschnitt was a German symphonic/space-rock band that released eight studio albums and three live sets on Brain between 1972 and 1985.

Members: Stefan Danielak (guitar, vocals), Eroc [Joachim Heinz Ehrig] (synthesizer, percussion, drums, vocals, 1972-83), Gerd Otto Kühn (guitar, vocals, 1972-89), Bernhard Uhlemann (bass, flute, percussion, 1972), Hermann Quetting (keyboards, 1972), Axel Harlos (drums, percussion, 1972), Toni Moff Mollo [Rainer Loskand] (vocals), Wolfgang Jäger [Hunter, Popo] (bass, guitar, 1975-79), Volker Kahrs [Mist] (organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, Mellotron, vocals, 1972-82), Jürgen Cramer [J.K.] (keyboards, 1982-85), Michael Kapollke [Milla] (bass, 1979-89, 2007-present), Peter Jureit (drums, flute, 1983-85), Thomas Waßkönig [Tarzan] (keyboards, 1985-89), Rolf Möller [Admiral Top Sahne] (drums, 1985-89, 2007-present), Harald Eller [Commodore Stulle] (bass, 1989), Dirk Lindemann [Sugar] (keyboards, 1989)

Grobschnitt formed in West Germany in 1970 from the ashes of psych-rockers The Crew, led by drummer, keyboardist, and singer Joachim Ehrig (Eroc). The name Grobschnitt translates to “rough cut,” a reference to a type of tobacco. The other long-term members were rhythm guitarist Stefan Danielak and lead guitarist Gerd-Otto Kühn (Lupo). In 1972, they grew to a six-piece with keyboardist/percussionist Herrmann Quettling (Quecksilber), drummer/percussionist Axel Harlos (Felix), and bass/flutist Bernhard Uhlemann (Bär). They were among the first groups signed to Brain, the underground division of Metronome.


  • Grobschnitt (1972)
  • Ballermann (2LP, 1974)
  • Jumbo (1975)
  • Rockpommel’s Land (1977)
  • Solar Music – Live (1978)
  • Merry-Go-Round (1979)
  • Volle Molle (live, 1980)
  • Illegal (1981)
  • Razzia (1982)
  • Kinder + Narren (1984)
  • Sonnentanz: Live (1985)
  • Fantasten (1987)


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