Grinderswitch were an American blues-rock/boogie band from Warner Robins, Ga., that released three albums on Capricorn between 1974 and 1976, followed by an album apiece on Atco, Auric, and Robox during the subsequent four-year period.

Members: Dru Lombar (lead vocals, guitar), Larry Howard (guitar, 1972-80), Joe Dan Petty (bass, 1972-82), Rick Burnett (drums, 1972-82), Paul Hornsby (keyboards, organ, clavinet, 1972-77), Steve Miller (bass, vocals, 1975-82), Chris Anderson (guitar, vocals, 1980), Austin Pettit (guitar, vocals, 1981)


  • Honest to Goodness (1974)
  • Macon Tracks (1975)
  • Pullin’ Together (1976)
  • Redwing (1977)
  • Right on Time (1980)
  • “Have Band, Will Travel” (1981)

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