Green was an American psychedelic rock band that released two albums between 1969 and 1971 on ATCO.

Members: Wilson Fisher (vocals, guitar, bass), James Neel (drums, backing vocals), John Martin (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Gary Casebeer (vocals, drums), Richard Gardzina (flute, accordion, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, piano), Jay Pruitt (trumpet, piano) (1971), Bobby “Richard” Blood (horns, keyboards)

Green formed in 1968 at North Texas State University, where Denton natives Wilson Fisher, James Neel, John Martin, and Gary Casebeer teamed with Richard Gardzina, who came from Manchester, New Hampshire. Reedists Neel and Gardzina doubled on brass and keyboards along with Casebeer, who also played percussion. Harpist Fisher and keyboardist Martin, the two main songwriters, both played strings. All five members sang.

Green cut an acetate with four songs: two by Martin (“Where Have I Been?,” “At the Time”), Fisher’s “Sunrise # 7,” and the Martin–Gardzina “Have You Ever?” They signed to ATCO and linked with producer Fred Darian.


  • Green (1969)
  • To Help Somebody (1971)


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