Granada were a Spanish symphonic/flamenco-rock band that released three albums on Movieplay between 1975 and 1978.

Members: Carlos Cárcamo (flute, violin, piano, Mellotron, harpsichord, acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion), Juan Bona (drums, percussion, backing vocals, ?-1976), Antonio García Oteyza (bass, ?-1976), Michael Vorteflich (guitar, ?-1975), Javier Monforte (guitar, 1975-76), Carlos García-Vaso (guitar, 1976-78), Julio Blasco (bass, 1976-78), Antonio Rodríguez [Antonio Smash] (drums, percussion, 1976-78), Joaquín Blanco (bagpipes, bombard, 1976-78)

Granada, named after the city and province, was formed in 1974 by multi-instrumentalist Carlos Cárcamo, who’d played in psych-rockers Skorpis, which also featured guitarist Javier Huidobro. They made one song together as Granada, “Rompiendo la Oscuridad,” before Huidobro left the project. Cárcamo enlisted guitarist Michael Vortreflich, bassist Antonio García Oteyza, and drummer Juan Bona.

Producer Gonzalo Garciapelayo took notice of the band and secured them a deal with Movieplay. Granada recorded their debut album at Musigrama, Estudios Loeches, Madrid, in 1975. The resulting Hablo de Una Tierra appeared that year, forwarded by the title-track (b/w “Rompiendo la Oscuridad”) as a single. The album features guest contributions from two members of Tílburi, Antonio Renteria (acoustic guitar) and José L. Barceló (mandolin), on “Nada es Real.” Singer Carlos Tena and flamenco guitarist Manolo Sanlúcar appear on “Hablo de Una Tierra.”

Cárcamo, who wrote all the material, sings and plays flute, violin, piano, Mellotron, harpsichord, acoustic 12-string guitar, and percussion. The cover shows him tipping his hat at a table stacked with sliced pomegranates.

Hablo de Una Tierra was a popular release in Madrid, where Granada played Primeras 15 horas de Música Pop Ciudad de Burgos (First 15 hours of Pop Music Ciudad de Burgos), a music festival on July 5, 1975, that also featured performances by Iceberg, Bloque, Tílburi, Gualberto, Eduardo Bort, Storm, Triana, Orquestra Mirasol, and Companyia Elèctrica Dharma.


  • Hablo de una Tierra (1975)
  • España, año 75 (1976)
  • Valle del Pas (1978)


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