Grace were an English modern-rock band from Stoke-on-Trent that released a self-titled album on Clay in 1979, followed by two singles on MCA circa 1980/81.

Members: Mac Austin (lead vocals), Dave Rushton (bass), Harry Davies (flute, saxophone, whistle), Dave Edge (guitar, backing vocals, 1977-98), Phil Brown (drums, percussion, 1979-81), Alan Whiting (guitar, 1979-81), Roger Jackson (keyboards, 1979), Tony Hall (drums, backing vocals, 1992-present), John Davies (keyboards, 1992), Mark Price (keyboards, 1993-98), Adam Rushton (guitar, 1998-present), David Markham (keyboards, 1998-present)


  • Grace (1979)
  • “Fire of London” / “Beatnik” (1980)
  • “Billy Boy” / “Ad Mad” (1981)

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