Glencoe were an English rustic-rock band that released two albums on Epic during 1972 and 1973. The band featured ex-Skip Bifferty/ARC guitarist John Turnbull, former Greatest Show on Earth bassist Norman Watt-Roy, and Forever More alumni Stuart Francis. Turnbull and Watt-Roy subsequently cut an album as part of Loving Awareness and joined Ian Dury’s Blockheads.

Members: Stuart Francis (drums, vocals), Mick Travis [Mick Strode] (lead guitar, vocals, 1971-72), Onnie McIntyre (guitar, 1971-72), Alan Gorrie (bass, vocals, 1971-72), Graham Maitland (keyboards, vocals, 1972-74), Norman Watt-Roy (bass, vocals, 1972-74), John Turnbull (guitar, vocals, 1972-74)


  • Glencoe (1972)
  • The Spirit of Glencoe (1973)

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