Gipsy Love

Gipsy Love was an Austrian soul-rock band that was active for two years during the early 1970s. The band released back-to-back albums on the BASF and PAN labels in 1972. That same year, organist Peter Wolf and guitarist Charly Ratzer recorded the soul-psych soundtrack album Gorilla-Gorilla. Prior to the band, Wolf cut the post-bop/jazz-rock album A Change In My Life (1969) on WM Produktion.

Members: George Doggette (vocals), Jano Stojka (drums, percussion), Karl Ratzer [aka Charly Ratzer] (guitar, vocals), Peter Wolf (organ, piano), Richard Schönherz (keyboards, vocals), Kurt Hauenstein (bass, vocals, piano, 1971-72), Harri Stojka (bass, 1972-73)

Individually, the members of Gipsy Love achieved international renown after the band folded. Multi-instrumentalist Kurt Hauenstein later headed the disco/dance combos Supermax and London Aircraaft. Keyboardist Richard Schönherz cut a solo album, What a Night, in 1978 and joined German rockers Einstein the following year. Ratzer and his bassist-cousin Harri Stojka would each record solo albums in the jazz-rock vein, starting in the late ’70s.

In 1979, Wolf surfaced as a keyboardist for Frank Zappa, a gig that led to the formation of Group 87, which issued an eponymous album the following year. Between 1982 and 1987, him and his wife Ina recorded two albums as Wolf & Wolf and a third as Vienna. During this time, he also played on albums by Heart, Survivor, and Boz Scaggs. His production work on Starship’s 1985 album Knee Deep In the Hoopla launched his second career behind the console.


  • Gipsy Love (1972)
  • Here We Come (1972)

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