Ginga Rale Band

Ginga Rale Band were an Austrian space-rock band that was active between 1979 and 1984. The band debuted with a 300-copy pressing of the album Wir bedauern… in 1980 on Reibo Records. Two singles and a second album, Information, appeared over the following three years on the self-run Rockdream and Rote Hosen labels.

Members: Paul Hochrainer (vocals, guitar), Rupi Müller (bass), Josef “Josh” Oppacher (bass), Peter Willert (drums), Susie (vocals, saxophone), Furz Pipi (synthesizer, keyboards), Günther Humpl, Marc Steinhausen (bass, vocals, guitar, 1979-84)


  • Wir bedauern… (1980)
  • “Die Turnstunde” / “Ich will hier raus” (1981)
  • “Wir sind uns selbst genug” / Johnnys Demaskierung” (1981)
  • Information (1984)

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