Gérard Entremont & Co

Gérard Entremont was a French chanson-pop singer who released numerous shortplayers, starting in the mid-1960s. In 1975, a jazz-rock ensemble dubbed “Co” were assembled to back him for one eponymous album on Pathé Marconi EMI. That same year, the musicians cut an album as So & Co with Entremont at the console.

Members: Gérard Entremont (vocals, glockenspiel, composition, production), Jacques Brély (guitar, bass, double bass, backing vocals, arrangements), Alain Potier (lyrics, saxophone, harmonica), Hervé Derrien (cello), Dominique Blanc-Francard (piano, bass, backing vocals), Patrice Cramer (drums, percussion, guitar), François Ovide (guitar), Alain Maneval (backing vocals), Patrick Amar (guitar), Eric Migliaccio (guitar), Mauricia Platon (vocals), Geza Fenzl (percussion), Denis Brély (bassoon), Jean-Luc Quillet (tuba), Dominique Widiez (piano, organ)


  • Gérard Entremont & Co (1975)

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