Gene Loves Jezebel

Gene Loves Jezebel were a Welsh goth-rock band that was originally active during the 1980s and early ’90s. Five albums appeared on Situation Two/Beggars Banquet between 1983 and 1990, three of which were issued stateside on Geffen. The band were led by twin brothers Jay and Michael Aston, who later fell out with one another and litigated over the nameplate, resulting in a split franchise by the 21st century.

Members: Jay Aston (vocals), Michael Aston (bass, guitar, 1980-89, 1995-present), Ian Hudson (guitar, bass, 1980-85), Stephen Davis (bass, 1980-?), Snowy White (drums, 1980-?), Julianne Regan (bass, 1982), James Chater (drums, 1982), Jean-Marc Lederman (keyboards, 1982), Dick Hawkins [John Murphy] (drums, 1982-85), Steve Radwell [Stephen Marshall] (bass, 1982-84), Albie DeLuca (guitar, 1983), Peter Rizzo (bass, 1984-present), Marcus Gilvear (drums, 1985-86), James Stevenson (guitar, 1985-present), Chris Bell (drums, 1986-92)

Gene Loves Jezebel formed in 1980 as Slavaryan when twin brothers Jay and Michael Aston (born 1961) teamed with guitarist Ian Hudson. They renamed their act Gene Loves Jezebel as a reference to American rockabilly icon Gene Vincent and his 1956 song “Jezebel.” In 1981, they moved to London and welcomed bassist Julianne Regan and drummer James Chater.


  • Promise (1983)
  • Immigrant (1985)
  • Discover (1986)
  • The House of Dolls (1987)
  • Kiss of Life (1990)


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