Geeza were an Australian hard-rock band from Sydney that released the album Streetlife on RCA-subsidiary Laser Records in 1977.

Members: Tony Cini (vocals, 1973-75), Alan Watts (vocals, 1973-75), Gabriel Vendetti (guitar, 1973-79), Ian Marshall [aka Martin Adamson] (guitar, 1973-75), Lee Martin (bass, 1973-77), Allan Fraiel (drums, vocals, 1973-78), Ian Webb (drums, 1973-75), Terry Halliday [aka Terry Meaney] (vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizer, 1975-79, 2010-present), Steve Gronow (bass, 1977-78), Barrington Davis (vocals, 1978-80), Dominic Goffredo (bass, 1978-80), Scott Cornell (bass, 1978-79), John Adams (drums, 1978-79), Xerxes Salazar (guitar, 1979-80), Warwick Hoffman (drums, 1979-80)


  • “Vambo” / “Get It” (1976)
  • Streetlife (1977)

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