Gary Ogan

Gary Ogan is an American singer/songwriter from Portland, Ore., who emerged in partnership with musician Bill Lamb on the 1972 Elektra release Portland. In 1977, he issued a self-titled album on Leon Russell’s Paradise Records label. His third album, Let Go the Heart, appeared on small-press Seagull Records in 1982.

Gary Ogan taught himself to play multiple instruments by ear. In 1971, Elektra talent scout and producer Marlin Greene (Percy Sledge, Boz Scaggs) flew to Portland to watch The Portland Zoo, a popular Reed College act that were tapped for a contract. Upon learning that they didn’t have any original material, he looked for other local talent.

Greene’s visit was hosted by producer and engineer Greg Branson, who happened to known of a Portland pair who did write and perform their own material.

Ogan had a batch of originals that he performed in a folk duo with his friend, Bill Lamb. They auditioned for Greene at Portland’s Russion Embassy headquarters, which was also the studio of country radio station KUPL. Impressed, Greene offered the duo a chance to make an album.


  • Portland (1972 • Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb)
  • Gary Ogan (1977)
  • Let Go The Heart (1982)


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