Futuro Antico

Futuro Antico were an Italian ethno-electronic combo that self-released an eponymous album in 1980. That same year, the band recorded a second album that was released a decade later on Casal Gajardo Records. Live material from the period ultimately surfaced on the disc Isole del Suono, released in 2016 on Black Sweat Records.

Members: Walter Maioli (flute, ney, flute, whistle, rattles, bass harmonica, mouth bow, jew’s harp, double flute, jangro, vocals), Riccardo Sinigaglia (synthesizer, piano, organ, sound effects, bongos, Tibetan bells), Gabin Dabiré (tambourine, xylophone, tom-tom, whistle, güiro, lamellaphones, ektar, rain stick, bongos, congas, woodwinds, talking drum, rattles), Kala (tambura, 1980), Oiseau (percussion, 1980)


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