Funkadelic were an American soul-funk/psych band from Detroit that released eight albums on Westbound between 1970 and 1976, followed by four further albums on Warner Bros. over the subsequent five-year period.

Members: George Clinton (vocals), Ray Davis (vocals, 1968-2015), Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins (vocals, 1968-77), Calvin Simon (vocals, 1968-77), Grady Thomas (vocals, 1968-77), Tiki Fulwood (drums, 1968-75), Eddie Hazel (guitar, 1968-71), Tal Ross (rhythm guitar, 1968-71), Billy Nelson (bass, guitar, vocals, 1968-71), Mickey Atkins (organ, 1968-70), Bernie Worrell (keyboards, 1970-81), Frank Waddy (drums, 1971-72), Bootsy Collins (bass, 1972-81), Catfish Collins (guitar, 1972-81), Garry Shider (guitar, vocals, 1972-81), Cordell Mosson [aka Boogie] (bass, 1972-81), Tyrone Lampkin (drums, 1972-73), Ron Bykowski (guitar, 1972-74), James Wesley Jackson (Jew’s harp, backing vocals, 1972), Fred Wesley (trombone, 1975-81), Maceo Parker (saxophone, clarinet, flute, 1975-81), Michael Hampton (guitar, 1975-81), Glenn Goins (guitar, 1976-77), Jerome “Big Foot” Brailey (drums, 1976-78), Walter “Junie” Morrison (keyboards, 1977-80)

Funkadelic evolved from the backing band of soul group The Parliaments, formed in 1964 by singer and band leader George Clinton. The Parliaments featured five vocalists: Clinton, Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas, and Ray Davis. After an early set of backing musicians departed for military service, Clinton hired bassist Billy Bass Nelson, drummer Tiki Fulwood, and guitarists Eddie Hazel and Tawl Ross.

In 1968, the nine-piece band relocated from Plainfield, NJ, to Detroit and broke from their old label, Revilot, which retained legal rights to The Parliaments name. In reference to their newfound mix of R&B and acid rock, Nelson suggested they change their name to Funkadelic, a portmanteau of “funk” and “psychedelic.” They signed to Westbound and entered Tera Shirma Sound Studios to record their first album.


Funkadelic released their self-titled debut album on February 24, 1970, on Westbound.

back cover

Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow

Funkadelic released their second album, Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow, in July 1970 on Westbound.

Free Your Mind is housed in a vertical gatefold cover designed by Stanley Hochstadt and the Graffiteria.

The photographer, Joel Brodsky, also has visual credits on 1970–71 albums by Air, Carly Simon, Herbie Mann, and Isaac Hayes.

Maggot Brain

Funkadelic released their third album, Maggot Brain, on July 12, 1971, on Westbound.

The inner-gate features a group pic by photography by Ron Scribner.

“You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks”
Released: April 1971

“Can You Get to That”
Released: September 1971

“Hit It and Quit It”
Released: January 1972

America Eats Its Young

Funkadelic released their fourth album, America Eats Its Young, on May 22, 1972, on Westbound.


Cosmic Slop

Funkadelic released their fifth album, Cosmic Slop, in May 1973 on Westbound.

Cosmic Slop features a vertical gatefold illustration by Pedro Bell, the artist on all Funkadelic releases henceforth.


Standing on the Verge of Getting It On

Funkadelic released their sixth album, Standing on the Verge of Getting It On, on July 10, 1974, on Westbound.

Standing on the Verge of Getting It On is housed in a horizontal gatefold.

The right inner-gate depicts each member in a spherical collage.

Let’s Take It to the Stage

Funkadelic released their seventh album, Let’s Take It to the Stage, on April 21, 1975, on Westbound.

Let’s Take It to the Stage is their second straight album with a landscape gatefold illustration.

On the right inner-gate, Funkadelic are depicted the the “Main Invasion Force.”

Tales of Kidd Funkadelic

Funkadelic released their eighth album, Tales of Kidd Funkadelic, on September 21, 1976, on Westbound.



Hardcore Jollies

Funkadelic released their ninth album, Hardcore Jollies, on October 29, 1976, on Warner Bros.




One Nation Under a Groove

Funkadelic released their tenth album, One Nation Under a Groove, on September 22, 1978, on Warner Bros.



Uncle Jam Wants You

Funkadelic released their eleventh album, Uncle Jam Wants You, on September 21, 1979, on Warner Bros.

back cover


Connections & Disconnections

In 1980, the album Connections & Disconnections appeared in Germany on LAX Records. It was recorded by Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas under the name Funkadelic.

The Electric Spanking of War Babies

Funkadelic released their twelfth proper album, The Electric Spanking of War Babies, on April 14, 1981, on Warner Bros.

back cover



  • Funkadelic (1970)
  • Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow (1970)
  • Maggot Brain (1971)
  • America Eats Its Young (1972)
  • Cosmic Slop (1973)
  • Standing on the Verge of Getting It On (1974)
  • Let’s Take It to the Stage (1975)
  • Tales of Kidd Funkadelic (1976)
  • Hardcore Jollies (1976)
  • One Nation Under a Groove (1978)
  • Uncle Jam Wants You (1979)
  • Connections & Disconnections (1981)
  • The Electric Spanking of War Babies (1981)
  • By Way of the Drum [archival] (2007)
  • Toys [archival] (2008)


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