Frijid Pink

Frijid Pink was an American hard-rock band from Detroit that released the 1970 albums Frijid Pink and Defrosted on Parrot, scoring a No. 7 Billboard hit with a fuzzed-up cover of “House of the Rising Sun,” first made famous by The Animals. Bassist Tom Harris and drummer Rick Stevers were the only constant members through two lineup changes that accompanied the band’s third and fourth albums: Earth Omen (1972) and All Pink Inside (1974).

Members: Rick Stevers (drums, 1967-82), Tom Harris (bass, 1967-74, 1981-82), Kelly Green (lead vocals, 1967-71), Gary Thompson (guitar, 1967-71), Larry Zelanka (organ, 1967-72), Craig Webb (guitar, vocals, 1971-75), David Alexander [Jon Wearing] (lead vocals, 1971-74), Joe Baker (lead vocals, 1974-75), Art Wolf (bass, 1974), Larry Popolizio (bass, 1974-75),

Frijid Pink evolved from Detroit Vibrations, a garage-rock covers band with Harris and Stevers.


  • Frijid Pink (1970)
  • Defrosted (1970)
  • Earth Omen (1972)
  • All Pink Inside (1974)


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