Friendsound was an American experimental band that released the album Joyride on RCA in 1969. They were an evolution of psych-rockers Brotherhood, formed by two ex-members of Paul Revere & the Raiders.

Members: Drake Levin (guitar), Chris Brooks (guitar), Nino Candido (guitar), Grape Lemon (guitar), Don Nelson (flute, saxophone), Ron Collins (organ), Phil Volk (bass, piano, celesta), Chris Etheridge (bass), Davey Burke (bass), Jerry Cole (bass), Jim Gordon (drums), Mike Smith (drums, celesta, tambourine), Flip Mullen (wind chimes), Kent Dunbar (percussion), Jim Valentine (percussion), Danny Woody (drums)

Friendsound evolved from Brotherhood, which issued a self-titled album on RCA in 1968.


  • Joyride (1969)


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