Freur was a Welsh synthpop band that released the 1983–85 CBS albums Doot-Doot and Get Us Out of Here. Drummer Bryn B. Burrows played earlier in the Fabulous Poodles. Freur’s nucleus morphed into Underworld.

Members: Rick Smith (keyboards, guitar), Karl Hyde (vocals, guitar), Bryn B. Burrows (drums), John Warwicker (synthesizer), Alfie Thomas (bass)


Freur sprung from a musical partnership between guitarist Karl Hyde and bassist Alfie Thompson, who first collaborated in the Screen Gemz, a Welsh post-punk band that released the 1979 single “I Just Can’t Stand Cars” (b/w “Teenage Teenage”) on Inflatable Records.

In Cardiff, they teamed with guitarist–keyboardist Rick Smith. With a newfound focus on electro-pop, they named their act with a squiggle. The new band grew to five with synthesist John Warwicker and (ex-Fabulous Poodles) drummer Bryn Burrows. CBS signed the band but required a pronounceable name, hence Freur: their pronunciation of a squiggle.


Freur released their debut album, Doot-Doot, in 1983 on CBS. It features ten originals by Hyde, Smith, and Thomas, including the hit title-track and the followup singles “Matters of the Heart,” “Runaway,” and “Riders in the Night.”

1. “Doot-Doot” (4:03)
2. “Runaway” (4:00)
3. “Riders in the Night” (5:40)
4. “Theme from the Film of the Same Name” (3:21)
5. “Tender Surrender” (3:02)

6. “Matters of the Heart” (4:08)
7. “My Room” (3:27)
8. “Whispering” (4:10)
9. “Steam Machine” (2:56)
10. “All Too Much” (4:54)

Andy Sheppard – soprano saxophone and tenor saxophone on “Runaway”
Pino Palladino – fretless bass and Chapman Stick on “Theme from the Film of the Same Name”
Production and artwork
Freur and John Hudson – producer
Freur and Alex Burak – producer “Doot-Doot”
Freur – producer “Hold Me Mother”
John Hudson – engineer

“Doot-Doot” / “Hold Me Mother”
Released: 1983
“Matters of the Heart” / “You’re a Hoover”
Released: 1983
Released: 1983
“Riders in the Night”
Released: 1984

Get Us Out of Here

Freur released their second album, Get Us Out of Here, in 1985 on CBS. It features ten Hyde–Smith–Thomas originals, including the pre-released a-side “The Devil and Darkness” and the followup singles “Look in the Back for Answers” and “The Piano Song.”

1. “Look in the Back for Answers” (4:31)
2. “Emeralds and Pearls” (5:17)
3. “Kiss Me” (3:48)
4. “A.O.K.O.” Freur (3:15)
5. “The Devil and Darkness” (4:38)

6. “The Piano Song” (4:23)
7. “Happiness” (4:01)
8. “Endless Groove” (3:25)
9. “This Is the Way I’d Like to Live My Life” (3:41)
10. “Bella Donna” (4:48)

Karl Hyde – vocals, guitar
Bryn Burrows – drums
Rick Smith – keyboards
Alfie Thomas – bass, keyboards
John Warwicker – keyboards

Additional musicians
Mr. Bowie – Fretless bass
Andy Sheppard – Tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone

Produced by Freur and John Hudson

“Jazz Is King?”, “Major Motion”, “This Is the Way” and “Get Us Out Of Here” produced by Freur

“The Devil and Darkness”
Released: 1984
“Look in the Back for Answers”
Released: 1985
“The Piano Song”
Released: 1986


  • Doot-Doot (1983)
  • Get Us Out of Here (1985)


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