French TV

French TV were an American jazz-rock band from Louisville, Ken., that self-released an eponymous album in 1984, followed by After a Lengthy Silence on local-press Y-Records in 1987. Ten further titles appeared over the subsequent three decades on bassist Mike Sary’s own label.

Members: Artie Bratton (guitar), Bob Douglas (drums), Fenner Castner (drums), John Robinson (keyboards), Mike Sary (bass), Stephen Roberts (keyboards, trumpet, percussion)


  • French TV (1984)
  • After a Lengthy Silence (1987)
  • French TV III: Virtue in Futility (1994)
  • Intestinal Fortitude (1995)
  • Yoo-Hoo!!! (live, 1997)
  • The Violence of Amateurs (1999)
  • The Case Against Art (2001)
  • Pardon Our French! (2004)
  • This Is What We Do (2006)
  • I Forgive You For All My Unhappiness (2010)
  • Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living (2016)
  • Operation: Mockingbird (2017)

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