Freedom’s Children

Freedom’s Children were a South African psych-rock band that was primarily active as a recording unit between 1967 and 1973. Amid several lineup changes, the band released three albums on Parlophone. The band included Abstract Truth string-masters Ramsay Mackay and Kenny Henson as well as Hawk guitarist Julian Laxton. Future Rabbitt/Yes guitarist and songwriter Trevor Rabin also got his start in Freedom’s Children.

Members: Ramsay Mackay (bass, 1966-71, 1996), Colin Pratley (drums, 1966-73, 1990), Kenny Henson [aka Ken E Henson] (guitar, 1966-67, 1990, 1996), Nic Martens (keyboards, 1966, 1968-70, 1973), Jimmy Thompson (keyboards, 1966), Craig Ross (keyboards, 1967), Julian Laxton (guitar, 1967-72), Harry Poulos (keyboards, 1968), Brian Davidson (vocals, 1968-73, 1996), Barry Irwin (bass, 1972), Ronnie Robot (bass, 1973), Trevor Rabin (guitar, 1973), Jonathan Neaves (drums, 1996)


  • Battle Hymn of the Broken Hearted Horde (1968)
  • Astra (1970)
  • Galactic Vibes (1971)

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