Freedom was an English rock band formed by two original Procol Harum members: singer–drummer Bobby Harrison and guitarist Ray Royer. As a quartet, they made a psychedelic soundtrack to the 1969 Italian film Nerosubianco.

Harrison reconstituted the band as a powertrio for the 1970 albums Freedom and Freedom at Last. On Vertigo, they made the 1971–72 albums Through the Years and Freedom Is More Than a Word.

Post-Freedom, Harrison fronted Snafu for three albums and cut a 1975 solo album, Funkist.

Members: Bobby Harrison (vocals, drums), Ray Royer (guitar, 1967-?), Steve Shirley (vocals, bass, 1967-69), Tony Marsh (keyboards, 1967), Mike Lease (keyboards, 1967-69), Robin Lumsden (keyboards), Roger Saunders (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Walt Monaghan (vocals, electric piano, Mellotron, bass), Peter Dennis (vocals, bass, keyboards), Steve Jolly (guitar)


Freedom formed in late 1967 after Harrison and Royer’s involvement in Procol Harum, which singer–keyboardist Gary Brooker conceived as a studio project with songwriting partner Keith Reid. They scored an instant hit with their first single, “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” which spurred demand for a live group.

With Procol Harum now an ongoing concern, Brooker drafted colleagues from his prior band, The Paramounts, including guitarist Robin Trower and drummer B. J. Wilson. The unemployed Harrison and Royer rebounded in Freedom, formed with bassist Steve Shirley and keyboardist Tony Marsh.


  • Nerosubianco (OST, 1968 • The Freedom)
  • Freedom at Last (1970)
  • Freedom (1970)
  • Through the Years (1971)
  • Freedom Is More Than a Word (1972)


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