Frederic Rabold Crew

Frederic Rabold Crew were a German jazz-rock band that released six albums between 1972 and 1980, mostly on Calig.

Members: Alexander Bühl, Andreas Rapp, Barbara Bürkle, Christian Brinkschmidt, Frederic Rabold, Fritz Heieck, Helmut Wilberg, Holger Mayer, Joachim Lambrecht, Jochen Nitsche, Lauren Newton, Manfred Kniel, Martin Bues, Paul Schwarz, Regina Büchner, Thomas Horstmann, Uli Bühl, Uli Schwarz, Walter Hüber


  • Flair (1972 • Frédéric Rabold Crew)
  • Open House (1974)
  • Package of Voices (1976)
  • Balance (1977)
  • Funky Tango (1979)
  • Berlin (1980)

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