Frankie Miller

Frankie Miller (born Nov. 2, 1949) is a Scottish blues-rock/blue-eyed soul vocalist who released seven albums on Chrysalis between 1972 and 1980, followed by two further albums on Capitol and Vertigo between 1982 and 1986.

He was born Francis John Miller on November 2, 1949, in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland, and raised with his two older sisters on Colvend St. As the maternal grandson of famed 1900s footballer Archie Kyle, young Frankie took to the sport for the Harmony Row Boys Club.

Miller’s earliest exposure to rock and R&B came from his mother, a Ray Charles fan, and his sisters, who introduced him to Little Richard. He connected with Richard’s onstage aggression, realizing that he too could use R&B and soul music as vehicles for self-expression. At age nine, he got his first guitar and wrote one of his earliest songs, “I Can’t Change It,” at age 12. (His childhood idol, Ray Charles, would later record the song for the 1980 Atlantic release Brother Ray Is at It Again!)

Miller got his first gig at age 16 in local R&B/beatsters The Deljaks. Two years later, he joined soul-rockers Sock It to ‘Em JB, which also featured an older up-and-coming local, singer/bassist James Dewar.

In 1968, Miller debuted on record as a member of The Stoics, a Glasgow pop-psych band that issued the single “Earth, Fire, Air and Water” (b/w “Search of the Sea”) on RCA.

To further his career, he moved to London in 1970. The following year, he met guitarist Robin Trower, fresh off a five-album stint with Procol Harum. Miller introduced Trower to Dewar, who had just left Stone the Crows. The three of them formed Jude with ex-Jethro Tull drummer Clive Bunker. Despite an instant buzz in the UK music weeklies, they broke up after nine months with no recordings. Trower formed a backing band with Dewar on bass and vocals. One song from the Trower/Miller partnership, “I Can’t Wait Much Longer,” appeared on Trower’s debut solo album, Twice Removed from Yesterday.

In late 1972, Miller got a solo contract with Chrysalis Records and cut his debut album, Once in a Blue Moon.


  • Once in a Blue Moon (1972)
  • High Life (1974)
  • The Rock (1975)
  • Full House (1977)
  • Double Trouble (1978)
  • Falling in Love (1979)
  • Easy Money (1980)
  • Standing on the Edge (1982)
  • Dancing in the Rain (1986)


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