François Jeanneau

François Jeanneau (born 1935) is a French saxophonist, keyboardist, and composer who played in the bands Experience and Triangle in the early 1970s. During the second half of the decade, he released three solo albums on Palm and Owl.


  • Une Bien Curieuse Planète (1975)
  • Éphémère (1977)
  • Techniques douces (1977)
  • Europamerica (1977 • L. “Butch” Morris, J.L. Chautemps, F. Jeanneau, A. Jaume, Ph. Mate, A. Hatot, M. Richard, J.C. Capon, J. Gilson, P.Y. Sorin & G. Brown )
  • Akagera (1980 • Humair Jeanneau Texier)
  • Prao (1983 • Mino Cinelu / François Couturier / François Jeanneau)
  • Terrains vagues (1983)
  • Soli Solo… Plus (1985 • Jean-Louis Chautemps, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Daniel Humair, François Jeanneau, Jean-François Jenny-Clark & Henri Texier)
  • Taxi Way (1988)

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