Frágil are a Peruvian symphonic-rock band that has been intermittently active since the late 1970s. The band drew an international following with their 1981 debut album Avenida Larco. Nine years and several lineup changes would precede any further recorded activity.

Members: Octavio Castillo [aka Tavo Castillo] (keyboards, flute, steel guitar, mandolin, vocals), Luis Valderrama (guitar), César Bustamante (bass, keyboards, vocals), Andrés Dulude (vocals, guitar, bass, 1976-83, 1988-95, 1999-2013), Harry Anton (drums, 1976-?), Arturo Creamer (drums, percussion, ?-1988), Piñin Folgado (vocals, 1983-?), Jorge Durand (drums, percussion, 1988-present), Jorge Pardo (vocals, 1992-?), Santino de La Torre (vocals, 1995-?)


  • Avenida Larco (1981)
  • Serranio (1990)
  • Cuento Real (1993)
  • Alunado (1997)

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