Patrick Forgas (born 1951) is a French multi-instrumentalist and composer who released the popular 1977 jazz-rock album Cocktail on Gratte-Ciel. Starting in 1990, he proliferated with discs under his surname and the Forgas Band Phenomena banner on Musea, Cosmos, and Cuneiform.


Patrick Forgas took up drums as a teenager, inspired by Soft Machine and the metric complexity of their 1969 release Volume Two. In 1975, he cut demos with two members of the Softs-inspired Moving Gelatine Plates: bassist Didier Thibault and keyboardist/saxophonist Dominique Godin. His efforts impressed two Parisian music journalists, Jean-Marc Bailleux and Jean-Marc Patrat, who signed him to their just-launched RCA subsidiary Gratte-Ciel, an outlet for local progressive talent (Etron Fou Le Loublan, Mahjun).


released his debut album, Cocktail, in 1977 on Gratte-Ciel.


In 1982, Patrick Forgas returned with the French CBS single “Miroir tu Triches” (b/w “À Fond la Caisse”).

He surfaced again in 1984 with a second standalone single: “C’est Comme Ça La Vie” (b/w “Sexe Move”).


Forgas released his second album, L’œil!, in 1990 on Musea.

Art d’echo

Forgas released his third album, Art d’echo, in 1992 on Musea.

Roue libre

Forgas Band Phenomena released their first disc, Roue libre, in 1997 on Cosmos Music.


  • Cocktail (1977)
  • “Miroir tu Triches” / “À Fond la Caisse” (1982)
  • “C’est Comme Ça La Vie” / “Sexe Move” (1984)
  • L’œil! (1990)
  • Art d’echo (1992)
  • Roue libre (1997)
  • Extra-Lucide (1999)
  • Synchronicité (2002)
  • Soleil 12 (2005)
  • L’axe du fou / Axis of Madness (2009)
  • Acte V (2012)
  • L’oreille électrique (2018)


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