Forever Einstein

Forever Einstein were an American avant-rock trio from New Milford, Conn., that issued a cassette-EP on guitarist C.W. Vrtacek’s Leisure Time label in 1989, followed by five albums on Cuneiform between 1990 and 2005.

Members: Charles O’Meara [C.W. Vrtacek] (guitar), John Roulat (drums), Marc Sichel (bass, 1989-90), Jack Vees (bass, 1993-2005), Kevin Gerety (bass, 2005-present)


  • 1/2 Album Cassette (1989)
  • Artificial Horizon (1990)
  • Opportunity Crosses the Bridge (1992)
  • One Thing After Another (1998)
  • Down With Gravity (2000)
  • Racket Science (2005)

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