Flame Dream

Flame Dream was a Swiss symphonic-rock band from Luzern, formed in 1977. On Philips, they issued the popular 1978/79 albums Calatea and Elements. During the 1980s, they released four albums on Vertigo.

Members: Urs Waldispühl (guitar, vocals), Peter Wolf (woodwinds, vocals), Peter Furrer (drums, percussion), Urs Hochuli (bass, vocals), Roland Ruckstuhl (keyboards, sequencer, vocoder), Dale Hauskins (guitar)


  • Calatea (1978)
  • Elements (1979)
  • “Nowhere To Go!” / “Sun Fire” (1980)
  • Out in the Dark (1981)
  • Supervision (1982)
  • Travaganza (1983)
  • 8 on 6 (1986)

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