Flairck were a Dutch chamber-folk/classical ensemble from Ulvenhout, Noord-Brabant, that released six albums on Polydor between 1978 and 1982, followed by four albums on EMI during the subsequent six-year period.

Members: Erik Visser (guitar, tanbur, mandolin, sitar, koto, bouzouki, percussion, vocals), Anne van den Heuvel (cello), Ben van den Berg (accordion, organ, piano, guitar, percussion, vocals), Carla Veen (cello, percussion, vocals), Cora den Haring (cello, double bass, violin, viola da gamba, percussion, vocals), Cornee van der Kleij (flute, piccolo, saxophone, accordion, vocals), Dirk van Gorp (double bass), Eric Vaarzon Morel (flamenco guitar), Hans Visser (bass, guitar), Jens Loh (double bass), Jeroen Goossens (flute, piccolo, saxophone, bassoon, panpipes, kaval, quena, zampoña, tin whistle, crumhorn, claviola, percussion, vocals), Judy Schomper (violin, viola), Lorre Lynn Trytten (violin, kokyū, spinet, drums, accordion), Marieke van der Heyden (cello), Mariëlle Nieuwenhuis (flute, piccolo, alto flute, [wooden] flute, clarinet, bamboo flute, willow flute, didgeridoo, tin whistle), Marius Preda (cymbalon), Michel Grens (vibraphone, marimba, percussion, zampogna, vocals), Mirella Pirskanen (violin), Natalia Rogalski (vocals, organ, glass harmonica, percussion), Nihad Hrustanbegovic (accordion), Peter Weekers (flute, piccolo, zampogna, Uillean pipes, bamboo flute, whistle, tin whistle, drums, shakuhachi), Robert Baba (violin), Roelof Rosendal (uillean pipes), Stan Stolk (bass, acoustic guitar, percussion), Sylvia Houtzager (violin, viola, sopranino violin, harp, cello, flute, vocals, accordion, amadinda, angklung, lyra), Ted de Jong (tabla, xylophone, marimba, sitar, glockenspiel, vibraphone, drums, vocals), Thomas Dirks (bass, saxophone, percussion, vocals), Timothy Brandsen (bass)


  • Variaties op een Dame (1978)
  • Gevecht met de Engel (1980)
  • Live in Amsterdam (live, 1980)
  • Circus (1981)
  • Moustaki & Flairck (1982 • Moustaki & Flairck)
  • Flairck & Orkest (live, 1982 • Flairck, Nelleke Burg & Gewestelijk orkest voor Zuid-Holland)
  • Bal Masqué (1984)
  • Encore (live, 1985)
  • Sleight of Hand (1986)
  • Flairck 10 (1988)
  • The Emigrant (1989)
  • Alive (live, 1990)
  • De Optocht (1992)
  • Kamers / Chambers (1994)
  • The Chilean Concerts (1995)
  • De Gouden Eeuw (1996)
  • Cuerpos Tocados: Music for the Body (1998)
  • Symphony for the Old World (live, 2000)

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