Fischer-Z was an English New Wave/electro-rock band that released three albums on UA/Liberty between 1979 and 1981, splitting thereafter so that frontman/songwriter John Watts could focus on his solo career. In 1987, he resurrected the Fischer-Z nameplate with a new lineup, releasing albums at sporadic intervals during the subsequent three decades.

Members: John Watts (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), David Graham (bass, vocals, 1976-81, 2004), Steve Liddle (drums, 1976-81, 2004), Steve Skolnik (keyboards, 1976-80, 2004), Steve Kellner (drums, 1987-94), Ian Porter (bass, keyboards, percussion, 1987-91), Jennie Cruse (vocals, 1987-91), Alan Morrison (guitar, 1987-88), Denis Haines (keyboards, 1987-88)

Fischer-Z formed in 1977 when musician and songwriter John Watts, then studying clinical psychology, teamed with keyboardist Stephen Skolnik. They were soon joined by bassist David Graham and drummer Steve Liddle. After gigging in an around Uxbridge, Greater London, they signed to United Artists and released their first single, “Wax Dolls” (b/w “Angry Brigade”), in September 1978.


  • Word Salad (1979)
  • Going Deaf for a Living (1980)
  • Red Skies over Paradise (1981)


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  1. This band perfected a mix of technical lavishness and modernist austerity on their first three albums.

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