Finch was a mid-Seventies Dutch instrumental band that released three symphonic hard-rock albums: Glory of the Inner Force, Beyond Expression, and Galleons of Passion.

Members: Joop van Nimwegen (guitar), Peter Vink (bass), Paul Vink (keyboards, 1974), Cleem Determeijer (keyboards, 1975), Ad Wammes (keyboards, 1976), Beer Klaasse (drums, 1974-76), Hans Bosboom (drums, 1977)


Finch formed in 1974 when the guitarist and rhythm section of Sixties Dutch legends Q65 — Joop van Nimwegen, Peter Vink, and Beer Klaasse — assembled a new band with ex-Machine keyboardist Paul Vink.

Glory of the Inner Force

Finch released their debut album, Glory of the Inner Force, in 1975 on Negram (Netherlands) and Atco (US).

Beyond Expression

Finch released their second album, Beyond Expression, in 1976 on Negram.

Galleons of Passion

Finch released their third album, Galleons of Passion, in 1977 on Ariola (ND) and Rockburgh Records (UK).



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