Finch were an Australian hard-rock band that released a standalone single on Picture Records in 1974, followed by a self-titled album with accompanying singles on self-press Eagle in 1976. On certain issues of their 1978 second album Nothing to Hide, the band is billed as Contraband. The following year, the band issued their third and last album under this new name.

Members: Owen Orford (vocals, 1973-79), Tony Strain (bass guitar, harmony vocals, 1973-78), Bob Spencer (guitar, 1973-77), Peter McFarlane (drums, percussion, 1973-78), Mark Evans (bass, 1977-79), Barry Cram (drums, 1978-79), David Hinds (guitar, vocals, 1977-79), Matt Hughes (organ), Chris Jones (guitar, 1975-77), Graham Kennedy (guitar, vocals, 1973-79), Sam Mallet (guitar, 1976-78), Sketa Pereira (guitar, 1977-78), Gary Quince (guitar, 1973-76), Graham Thompson (bass, 1977-78)


  • “Out of Control” / “And She Sings” (1974)
  • Thunderbird (1976)
  • Nothing to Hide (1978)
  • Contraband (1979 • Contraband)

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