Fifty Foot Hose

Fifty Foot Hose were an American psych-rock band from San Francisco that released the album Cauldron on Mercury-subsidiary Limelight in 1968.

Members: Cork Marcheschi (electronics), David Blossom (guitar, piano), Larry Evans (guitar, vocals), Kim Kimsey (drums, percussion), Terry Hansley (bass), Nancy Blossom (vocals), Lenny Bove (bass, electronics, vocals), Elizabeth Perry (vocals), Walter Funk III (electronics), Reid Johnston (bass, guitar, horns, harmonium), Dean Cook (drums, cymbals)

Cauldron was released in 1968 on Mercury’s jazz-subsidiary Limelight. The album features eight proper songs plus three Marcheschi interludes, which link the four Blossom tracks on side one: “If Not This Time,” “The Things That Concern You,” “Red the Sign Post,” and “Rose.” Side two is book-ended by Blossom’s 10-minute “Fantasy” and the group-composed title-track. Sessions took place at Columbus Recorders, San Francisco, with production work by Dan Healy, who subsequently oversaw various Quicksilver, Grateful Dead, and Round Records projects.


  • Cauldron (1968)


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