Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux were an English synthpop trio that released a standalone single on Cocteau in 1982, followed by five singles on Polydor during 1983 and 1984. The band issued a partial compilation EP, Hired History, that was later reissued in expanded form to include the band’s complete recordings, including the contents of a planned mid-’80s album Ark of Embers. Keyboardist/saxophonist Ian Nelson had earlier played on the 1979 album Sound-On-Sound as part of Red Noise, the band led by his older brother Bill Nelson.

Members: Steve Wright (vocals), Dave P. Crickmore (guitar, bass, keyboards, 1982-84), Ian Nelson (saxophone, keyboards)


  • “Feels Like Winter Again / What Is This Illness” (1982)
  • “Photography” / “Aqua Vitae” (1983)
  • “Solitary Lovers” / “Three’s Company” (1984)
  • “Secrets” / “Comfortable Life” (1984)
  • “Blue Emotion” / “Sleepless Nightmare” (1984)
  • “House of Thorns” / “Three’s Company” (1984)
  • Hired History Plus [incl. Ark of Embers (lost album)]

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