Fashion was an English new wave trio (later quartet) that released three albums and a clutch of singles between 1979 and 1984. In the three-year gap between their debut album Product Perfect (released under the name Fàshiön Music) and sophomoric effort Fabrique, they switched from a jagged, sui generis sound to a slicker, dancier style.

Members: Dik [Dick Davis] (percussion, vocals), Dave “De” Harris (guitar, lead vocals, 1979-82), Mulligán [John Mulligan] (bass, synthesizers, vocals), Lûke [Luke James] (vocals, guitar, 1977-79), Martin Recchi (bass, vocals, 1980-84), Troy Tate (vocals, guitar, 1982-83), Alan Darby (guitar, vocals, 1983-84)

Fashion formed in Birmingham in 1978 when bassist and keyboardist John Mulligan (born John Joe Salvatore Martinez Marion Mulligan) teamed with drummer Dick Davis and singer–guitarist Luke James. They first performed as Fàshiön Music and started a namesake label for their own releases.



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