Fantasia were a Finnish symphonic-rock band that issued a self-titled album on Hi-Hat in 1975.

Members: Hannu Lindblom (guitar, vocals), Jukka “Juki” Halttunen (guitar, 1973), Markku Lönngren (bass, 1973), Paavo Osola (keyboards, 1973, 1976), Karl-Erik Rönngård (drums, 1973-76), Roul Helantie (keyboards, fiddle, guitar, bass, 1973-78), Harri Piha (bass, 1973-76), Mikko Laine (keyboards, 1976), Thomas Lindström (drums, 1976-79), Timo Hautamäki (guitar, 1976-78), Ronnie Ehrs (keyboards, 1976-79), Pekka Jusslin (guitar, 1979), Hannu Pirttimaa (bass, 1979)


  • Fantasia (1975)

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