Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams were a hard-rock/blues band comprised of Australian musicians based in London, England. Guitarist Vince Melouney was a founding member of the Aztecs and served in the 1967–68 lineup of the Bee Gees. Vocalist Doug Parkinson had fronted his own psych-rock band In Focus, which also included Welsh-born drummer Johnny Dick, who did prior stints in the Aztecs and Max Merritt & The Meteors.

As Fanny Adams, they released a self-titled album on MCA in 1971. Their cover of the Bee Gees’ “Got to Get a Message to You” was issued as a single with a non-LP b-side. Parkinson followed the project with a soul-rock solo album, No Regrets, on Polydor in 1973. Further solo releases and band activities commenced in the 1980s.

Members: Doug Parkinson (vocals), Vince Melouney (guitar), Teddy Toi (bass), Johnny Dick (drums)


  • Fanny Adams (1971)
  • “Got to Get a Message to You” / “They’re All Losers Honey” (1971)

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