Falckenstein were a German folk-rock band that released three albums on Nature between 1979 and 1982.

Members: Thomas Kagermann (vocals, violin, banjo, acoustic guitar, percussion, bagpipes), Mick Franke (guitar, percussion, bouzouki), Monika Marie Domin (vocals, guitar, flute, dulcimer), Wendelin Werner (guitar), Peter Löwner (bass, harmonica), Joachim Luhrmann (drums), Georg Funke (bass), Rudi Marhold (drums, percussion), Mehmet Ergin (guitar), Shanger Ohl (keyboards, vocals), Richard Rossbach (keyboards), Ulli Schmidt (keyboards, vocals), Larry Evers (vocals)


  • Falckenstein (1979)
  • Feuerstuhl (1980)
  • Illusion (1982)

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