Fad Gadget

Fad Gadget — aka Frank Tovey (Sept. 8, 1956 — April 3, 2002) — was an English coldwave/art-pop musician who released four albums on Mute between 1980 and 1984.

Members: Frank Tovey (lead vocals, computer, synthesizer), David Simmonds (grand piano, synthesizer), Nick Cash (vibraphone, drums, percussion), David Rogers (double bass, guitar, bass synthesizer), Peter Balmer (bass), Joni Sackett (vocals, viola), Barbara Frost (vocals), Eric Radcliffe (guitar, bass, banjo, producer), John Fryer (percussive objects, producer)


  • Fireside Favourites (1980)
  • Incontinent (1981)
  • Under the Flag (1982)
  • Gag (1984)

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