Fabulous Poodles

The Fabulous Poodles were an English quartet that released three albums on Pye during the late 1970s. The first album was produced by John Entwistle while the second and third were overseen by Sparks/Deaf School/Burlesque-producer and one-time Spencer Davis Group bassist Muff Winwood.

Members: Tony de Meur (vocals, guitar), Bobby Valentino (violin), John Bentley (bass, 1974-75), Bob Suffolk (keyboards, 1974-75), Gordon Coxon (drums, 1974-75), Bryn B. Burrows (drums, 1975-80), Richie C. Robertson (bass, 1975-80), Chris Skornia (keyboards, 1979-80)

Sporting sleek hair and debonair 1930s attire, the Fabulous Poodles combined Kinksian topical animation with elements of ’50s rock and Western Swing, the latter partly inspired by the Amazing Rhythm Aces, whose “Third Rate Romance” is covered on the second Poodles album.

Most numbers in the Fabulous Poodles catalogue are distinguished by the comedic wit of non-performing penman John Parsons, who animated songs with lyrics about haircuts, b-movie stars, toy civilizations, bionic men, and sentient lovelorn microphones.

Burrows later resurfaced in Welsh electro-modernists Freur. Valentino has played on recordings by a range of artists that includes Private Lives, Red Box, The Style Council, Bronski Beat, and The Men They Couldn’t Hang, in addition to finding a second niche as a Clark Gable lookalike.


  • Fabulous Poodles (1977)
  • Unsuitable (1978)
  • Think Pink (1979)


  • Mirror Stars (1979 — US compilation of tracks from first two albums)

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