Extempore were a Czech avant-rock band that began life in 1973 as Naive Extempore Band. A string of underground gigs and private recordings preceded and followed a name-change to Rock & Jokes Extempore Band before the unit briefly ran aground in the summer of 1978. Later that same year, a revitalized band issued Dům č.p. 112/34, the first of many cassette releases over the ensuing decade on self-press Fist Records. Guitarist/saxist Mikoláš Chadima also fronted the similarly themed MCH Band during the 1980s.

Members: Jaroslav Jeroným Neduha (vocals, guitar, 1973-78, 1983-present), Jerry Tomášek (bass), Jiří Kovář (guitar), Marta Gotthard (percussion), Mikoláš Chadima (vocals, guitar, saxophone, 1977-81, 1989-95), Slávek Simon (bass)

Select discography:

  • Dům č.p. 112/34 (1978)
  • Milá Čtyř Viselců (1986, recorded 1977)

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