Experiments With Ice

Experiments With Ice were an English coldwave band that released a self-titled album on United Dairies-subsidiary Experimental Records in 1981.

Members: David Jiggens (keyboards), Robin Knapp (drums), Nicky Patriachaeos (vocals, guitar), Phil Rose (bass)

Experimental Records was set up by United Dairies founder John Fothergill (Nurse With Wound) to handle more “rock oriented” music. The venture yielded two albums: Experiments With Ice s/t and Again! by Shiny Men (both 1981).

Experiments With Ice was produced by singer/guitarist Nicky Patriachaeos, who plays ARP synthesizer on the album. It features nine songs, including “Toy Joy,” “Walk On Furniture,” “Tokio,” and “O-Kee-Pa Pain.” The longest track, “Hollywood” (7:02), derives its lyrics from a poem by Don Blanding.

Experiments With Ice keyboardist David Jiggens also played on the 1981 United Dairies release Dance Music by The Bombay Ducks. Two further EWI songs, “Heaven” and “Tin Man,” appear on the multi-artists compilation The Young and the Free, released in 1982 on Luna Records.


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