Exciter were a Canadian hard-rock/metal trio from Ottawa, Ont., that released the album Heavy Metal Maniac on Shrapnel Records in 1983, followed by Violence & Force on Megaforce Records in 1984. A pair of 1985/86 albums on Combat and a fifth release on Maze Music in 1988 rounded out the decade while the following 20-year period yielded six further albums on Noise International, Osmose Productions, and Massacre Records.

Members: Dan Beehler (vocals, drums, 1978-92, 2014-present), John Ricci (guitar, 1978-85, 1992-2018), Allan Johnson (bass, 1978-88, 2014-present), Brian McPhee (guitar, 1985-88), Rob Malnati (vocals, 1988)


  • Heavy Metal Maniac (1983)
  • Violence & Force (1984)
  • Long Live the Loud (1985)
  • Unveiling the Wicked (1986)
  • Exciter (1988)

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