Essential Logic

Essential Logic was an English post-punk band led by singer and saxophonist Lora Logic, an early member of X-Ray Spex. They cut the 1978 DIY single “Aerosol Burns” and the Virgin EP “Wake Up,” followed by four Rough Trade singles and the 1979 album Beat Rhythm News. Lora went solo with the 1981 single “Wonderful Offer” and 1982 album Pedigree Charm.

Members: Lora Logic [Susan Whitby] (vocals, saxophone, xylophone), Stuart Action (guitar), Tim Wright (bass), Ashley Buff [aka Philip Legg, Phil Lip] (guitar), William Bennett (guitar, 1978-79), Mark Turner (bass), Rich Tee [aka Rich Tea] (drums), Dave Wright (tenor saxophone), Ben Annesley (bass), Jon Oliver (bass)


Lora Logic (b. Susan Whitby, 1960) emerged as the teenage saxophonist in London punk rockers X-Ray Spex, formed in late 1976 by singer Poly Styrene. Spex gigged the city’s punk haunts (The Roxy, The Vortex) and cut the September 1977 Virgin single “Oh Bondage Up Yours” (b/w “I Am a Cliché”). Lora left Spex to study photography at St. Martins School of Art but dropped out after one term.

In 1978, Lora formed Essential Logic with bassist Tim Wright, drummer Rich Tea, and guitarist Stuart Action. Meanwhile, she earned her first post-Spex credit on “Hey! (Rise of the Robots),” a frantic Stranglers cut on their May 1978 third album Black and White.

First Three Singles

May 1978 on self-press Cells.
A. “Aerosol Burns”
B. “World Friction”

18 May 1979
A1. “Wake Up”
A2. “Eagle Bird”
B1. “Quality Crayon Wax O.K.”
B2. “Bod’s Message”

Oct 1979
A. “Flora Force”
B. “Popcorn Boy (Waddle Ya Do?)”

Beat Rhythm News

Essential Logic released their singular album, Beat Rhythm News, in December 1979 on Rough Trade.

1. “Quality Crayon Wax OK”
2. “The Order Form”
3. “Shabby Abbott”
4. “World Friction”

5. “Wake Up”
6. “Albert”
7. “Alkaline Loaf in the Area”
8. “Collecting Dust”
9. “Popcorn Boy (Waddle Ya Do?)”

Studio Foel Studios, Llanfair Caereinion, Powys
Producer Hugh Jones, Lora Logic

Lora Logic – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, lead vocals
Ashley Buff (Philip Legg) – guitar, backing vocals
Mark Turner – bass, backing vocals
Dave Flash (Dave Wright) – tenor saxophone, cowbell, backing vocals
Rich Tea (Rich Thompson) – drums

Later Singles

Nov 1980
A. “Eugene”
B. “Tame the Neighbours”

20 Feb 1981
A. “Music Is a Better Noise”
B. “Moontown”

26 Jun 1981
A. “Fanfare In the Garden”
B. “The Captain”

Lora Logic Solo

27 Nov 1981
A. “Wonderful Offer”
B. “Stereo”

Pedigree Charm

Lora Logic released her solo album, Pedigree Charm, in 1982 on Rough Trade.

1. “Brute Fury” (4:00)
2. “Horrible Party” (3:50)
3. “Stop Halt” (5:00)
4. “Wonderful Offer” (4:30)
5. “Martian Man” (4:20)

6. “Hiss And Shake” (5:30)
7. “Pedigree Charm” (4:00)
8. “Rat Allé” (3:45)
9. “Crystal Gazing” (4:55)

Recorded At – Milton Groovy
Producer – Lora*, Phil*, Steve*
Engineer, Mixed By – Philip Legg*, Stephen Rickard

Bass – Ben Annesley, Phil Legg (8)
Drums – Charles Hayward, Rich-Tea* (1, 4)
Guitar [Guitars] – Phil Legg
Written-By [Songs] – Lora Logic

Photography By – Anton Corbijn
Sleeve – Martyn Lambert


  • Beat Rhythm News (1979)


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