Esperanto were a multi-national art-rock/flamenco ensemble, formed in Brussels by violinist Raymond Vincent (Wallace Collection) and pianist Bruno Libert. The project yielded three albums on A&M Records between 1973 and 1975, the first featuring English-born vocalist Glenn Shorrock, formerly of the Aussie pop acts The Twilights and Axiom. He would soon find fame fronting the Little River Band.

Members: Gino Malisan (bass), Tony Malisan (drums), Raymond Vincent (violin), Joy Yates (vocals), Janice Slater (vocals), Bridget Dudoit (vocals), Brian Holloway (guitar), Glenn Shorrock (vocals), Godfrey Salmon (violin), Tony Harris (viola), Timothy Kraemer (cello), Keith Christmas (vocals), Roger Meakin (vocals), Kim Moore (vocals)


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