Erkin Koray

Erkin Koray (born June 24, 1941) is a Turkish Anatolian rock guitarist and vocalist with a recording career that spanned the latter third of the 20th century. He debuted in 1966 with a pair of singles on the Sayan and Melodi Plak labels. Between 1967 and 1973, he released an average of two singles per year on İstanbul Plak. An eponymous album compiling some of the single-sides was issued by the label to round out the period.

In 1974, Koray began releasing singles on Doğan Plak, which issued his first proper album, Elektronik Türküler, that year. The label gathered some of his mid-’70s singles into a second eponymous compilation, released in 1976. That same year, the guitarist provided music for the action-thriller Korkusuz Cengaver, directed by Duygu Sağıroğlu.

In 1977, Koray moved to Kervan Plakçılık for the release of his second album, Tutkusu. A five-year pause preceded his next album, Benden Sana, on Kotaş. Albums appeared more steadily for the remainder of the 1980s and into the next decade.


  • Erkin Koray (1973)
  • Elektronik Türküler (1974)
  • Erkin Koray 2 (1976)
  • Tutkusu (1977)
  • Benden Sana (1982)
  • İllâ Ki (1983)
  • Ceylan (1985)

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