Ergo Sum

Ergo Sum were a French jam-rock/psych band that released two singles and the album Mexico on AZ and Thélème between 1970 and 1972.

Members: Lionel Ledissez (vocals, percussion, sleigh bells), Jean Guerin (flute, electric piano, piano, Rhodes, Hammond organ, whistling), Michel Leonardi (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, 1968-71), Roland Meynet (violin, electric violin, acoustic guitar), Max Touat (bass, double bass, acoustic guitar, 1968-71), B.B. Brutus (drums, congas, maracas, percussion), Marc Perru (guitar, xylophone, 1971-72), Edouard Magnani (bass, 1971-72)


  • “Give You My Name” / “Everyday” (1970)
  • Mexico (1971)
  • “Tijuana” / “It’s Me” (1972)

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